Kirsty Bolderston Veterinary Physiotherapist

Equine and Canine Specialist Physio offering a mobile service with rehabilitative livery options

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I offer a premium Veterinary Physiotherapy service across Norfolk and North Suffolk. Veterinary Physiotherapy focuses on the assessment and management of a patient’s function. I use physical interventions such as exercise prescription, electrotherapies, manual therapies and gait retraining, along with owner education and advice to restore function and quality of life to the animal. I select a combination of appropriate techniques to treat and rehabilitate and this is always based on clinical reasoning and evidence available. I provide a comprehensive 5 page report after my initial consultation and brief reports after each subsequent treatment thereafter. For my equine patients I am able to offer rehabilitative livery options and equine MOT which include a saddle check/fit service carried out by Express Equine simultaneously offering a dual approach and assessment focussing on the effects of your current saddle fit on the musculoskeletal health and biomechanics of your horse and you as a rider.

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  • Masters Degree Veterinary Physiotherapy